MSAD 54 Email Directory

This directory has been created to facilitate electronic communication in MSAD #54. It is important to note that only school addresses will be included.

Office Staff   Email Phone Ext
Principal Jean Pillsbury 3401
Secretary Kathy Grant 3410
Secretary (part-time) Joanne Dubois 3409
Guidance   Email Phone Ext
Guidance Counselor Karen Unger 3408
Guidance Counselor Sofie Mattens 3408
Teaching Staff   Email Phone Ext
S.C.L.C Self-Contained Aliza Jones 3432
C.L.C. Mary Titherington-Carey 3416
Special Education Renee Hovey 3407
B.S.L.C. Kayla Madore 3426
Special Education Jeff Stroman 3417
Grade 1 Karyn Bigelow 3403
Grade 1 Holly Brown 3406
Grade 1 Patti Champagne 3440
Grade 1 Elizabeth Clark 3404
Grade 1 Rachel Knowlton 3405
Grade 1 Jamie Leo 3415
Grade 2 Sara Colburn 3436
Grade 2 Tiffany Frost 3429
Grade 2 Tricia Gower 3422
Grade 2 Karen Laney 3402
Grade 2 Barbara Tracy 3424
Grade 3 Katie Flannery 3430
Grade 3 Nancy Labbe 3425
Grade 3 Janice Malek 3438
Grade 3 Heather Mayo 3423
Grade 3 Allison Poulin 3435
Grade 3 Lori Swenson 3437
Itinerant Staff   Email Phone Ext
Occupational Therapist Crystal Reed 3439
Physical Therapist Christal Siren 3439
Art Teacher Katie Kiger 3434
Physical Education Mike LeBlanc 3420
ESL Teacher Kathy Dorko 3431
Speech Ed Tech II Delia Shorey 3418
Music Teacher Sue Nelson 3433
School Nurse Shannon Puccio 3411
Reading Recovery Connie Clark 3413
Reading Interventionist Roxanne Davis 3414
Reading Recovery Deb Morrison 3414
Academic Coach Deidre Mitchell 3431
Support Staff   Email Phone Ext
Special Ed Tech I Caitlyn Adams 3407
Special Ed Tech I Fatima Al-Amiri 3432
Librarian Jill Alves 3428
Special Ed Tech I Amy Boulette 3426
Special Ed Tech I Karen Brown 3416
Special Ed Tech III Erika Cates 3426
Special Ed Tech III Brenda Cayford 3416
Special Ed Tech III Shelia Dees 3407
Special Ed Tech I Terrylee Gauvin 3407
Special Ed TechI I Janet Herrick 3443
Special Ed Tech I Sarah Lambert 3407
Special Ed Tech I Tami Nelson 3432
Special Ed Tech I Julia Ross 3416
Special Ed Tech I Rebecca Shanoski 3426
Special Ed Tech I Sandy Small 3416
Special Ed Tech III Levi Staples 3432
Special Ed Tech I Delores Trask 3407
Special Ed Tech I Cindy Violette 3432
Special Ed Tech I Jenny Warger 3416
Special Ed Tech I Jackie Wallace 3432
Cooks/Custodians   Email Phone Ext
Kitchen Darsie Couturier 3441
Kitchen Cathi Wooster 3441
Custodian Sherri Arris  
Custodian Steve Russell  
Custodian Loretta McCarthy    
Custodian Coleen Potter    

Principal Email
Steve Swindells
Office Secretary Email
Laurel Gustafson
Pre-K Email
Jessica Bernier
Kindergarten Email
Patricia Gallison
Louise Tessier
Grade 1 Email
Celeste Bellerose
Juline Bilodeau
Grade 2 Email
Tammy Forgue
Erin Madore
Grade 3 Email
Barbara Provost
Lauren Taylor
Grade 4 Email
Tabitha Brewer
Jessica Crowell
Grade 5 Email
Mike Louder
Paula Whittemore
Grade 6 Email
Sean Currie
Margaret Theriault
School Wide Staff Email
Becky Albertson
Tiffany Bellefleur
Susan Blodget
Debbie Bristol
Karol Brown
Matt Charland
Tim Christopher
Ann Cook
Marita Gould
Sue Nelson
Linda Nickerson
Lori Swenson
Karen Unger
Jean Walker
Melanie White

Office Staff   Email
Principal Anita Hopkins
Administrative Assistant Hillary Arsenault
Guidance   Email
Guidance Couselor Mary McCann Baker
Classrooms   Email
Grade 4 Kara Bubier
Grade 4 Linda Greenlaw
Grade 4 Mary Herrick
Grade 4 Jena Kamps
Grade 4 Carla Seymour
Grade 5 Meredith Brown
Grade 5 Nicole Duncan
Grade 5 Christina Fellman
Grade 5 Stacie Jarvais
Grade 5 Marissa Sevey
School Wide Staff   Email
Nurse Stephanie Voter
Academic Coach/Interventionist Maryanne Bernier
Math Coach/Interventionist Beth Downing
Math Coach Morgan Pullen
FLS Teacher Kathy Lupo
FLS Ed Tech Ann Seliano  
FLS Ed Tech Ellie Steward  
FLS Ed Tech Mary Humphrey  
FLS Ed Tech Christi Belanger  
FLS Ed Tech Donna McDaniel  
FLS Ed Tech Betti Erskine  
Resource Room Teacher Angel Bellavance
Resource Room Teacher Jan Wilkinson
Resource Room Ed Tech Carol Taylor  
Resource Room Ed Tech Jennifer Dourant  
Resource Room Ed Tech Kimberly Bonneau  
Music Teacher Becky Eldridge
Music Teacher Sue Nelson
ER Teacher Mary Pono
Librarian Stacey Farrand
School Nutrition Phyllis Stevens
School Nutrition Stacey Clement  
School Nutrition Reinette LeBlanc  
Day Custodian Dana Lemieux  
Night Custodian Randy McCarthy  

Office Staff   Email  
Principal Julie Kimball  
Office Assistant Denise Lang  
Office Assistant Julie Pelletier  
Guidance   Email  
Guidance Couselor Sharon Lovell  
Teaching Staff   Email  
Pre-K Kayla Tibbetts  
Kindergarten Nykola Dentico  
Kindergarten Donna Hautala  
Kindergarten Barb Welch  
Grade 1 Eleasha Works  
Grade 1 Anita Hilton  
Grade 2 Sheryl Gray  
Grade 2 Doreen Kimball  
Grade 2 Cierra Labbe  
Grade 3 Sandra Belanger  
Grade 3 Eileen Crowley  
Grade 3 Tracy Gervais  
Grade 4 Crystal Dorr Spelling List
Grade 4 Diane Leeman Spelling List
Grade 4 Jessica Skillings  
Grade 5 Emily Lightbody  
Grade 5 Stacey McBreairty  
Grade 6 Molly Fissette  
Grade 6 Kathy Houston  
Literacy   Email  
Literacy Specialist Laura Salley  
Reading Recovery Mary Jane Pelletier  
Title 1 Coordinator Deborah Hogate  
Title 1 Jon Hogate  
Title 1 Tracey Brown  
Special Education   Email  
Resource Room 5/6 Mary Swindells  
Resource Room 3/4 Heather Leo  
Resource Room K/2 Patty Moody  
Speech Dana Liebowitz  
Transitions Program Timothy Wess  
Transitions Program Steve Demo  
Transitions Program Lori White  
Educational Technicians   Email  
504 Student Aide Janey McGown  
Kindergarten Elisabeth Ramsey  
Transitions 5-6 Robert Thompkins  
RR 5-6 Ellen Blodgett  
Transitions 5-6 Norma Sincyr  
RR K-2 Mae Dickey  
Resource Room 3-4 Susan Fickett  
Transitions 3-4 Jessica Nadeau  
Special Ed K-2 Angela Wyman  
RR 5-6 Jenn Hall  
Transitions K-2 Dawn Plourde  
Ed Tech Kim Smart  
Transitions K-2 Karen Rowbottom  
Ed Tech Title 1 Jon Hogate  
Ed Tech Lydia Welch  
Itinerants   Email  
Art Kathy Hayden  
Music Gail Kelly  
Music Mark Ranger  
Nurse Jenn Bess  
Occupational Therapy Margie Batten  
Physical Education Lisa Moore  
Physical Therapy Christal Siren  
Enrichment Resources Mary Pono  
Cafeteria Workers   Email  
First Cook Liane Johnson  
Second Cook Cheryl Judkins  
  Val Chapman    
  Barbara Stevens    
  Catherine Worster    
First Shift Terry Washburn    
Second Shift Lisa Ames    
Second Shift Betty Greenleaf    
Second Shift Glen Hines    

Office Staff   Phone Ext Email
Principal Steve Gagne 3301
Administrative Assistant Cindy Salisbury 3302
Teaching Staff   Phone Ext Email
  Alyssa Duchesne 3314
  Jen France 3306
  JoEllen Gifford 3317
  Liz Goggin 3313
  Mary McCann-Baker 3315
  Erin Madore 3303
  Meghan Marston 3311
  Eric Nichols 3310
  Brenda Roy 3318
Support Staff   Phone Ext Email
Library/Art Stacy Farrand 3308
  Karen Laforgia 3308
Title I Carol Clement 3307
  Mary Merrill 3307
  Kathi Michaud 3307<
Resource Room Erin Furbush 3309
Nurse Jen Bess 3304
Kitchen Barb Clement 3319
  Donna Parsons 3319


Principal - Zachary Longyear
Assistant Principal - Doug McEwen
Secretary - Kim Jellison
Secretary - Laurie Lacasse
Substitute Caller - Sharon Mellows
Nurse Assistant - Michele Clukey
School Nurse - Debbie Lancaster


MarkBoivin - Math
Beth Cormier-Jones - Science
Carrie Luce - Social Studies
Kathleen Lynch - Language Arts
Lorinda Waltz - Ed Tech - Spec Ed


Robin Esty - Math
Peter Hockmeyer - Social Studies
Cola Larlee - Ed Tech - Spec Ed
Thomas Nadeau - Science
Kate Stroman - Language Arts


Matt Charland - Art
Mike Herrick - Physical Education
Cheryl McGowan - Music
Linda Snow - Music
Jerry Williams - Health

Learning Center

Debbie Barter - Ed Tech - Spec Ed
Kim Cabral - Ed Tech - Spec Ed
Sheila Dees - Ed Tech - Spec Ed
Patty Dufour - Ed Tech - Spec Ed
Jaime Jones - Special Education Language Arts
Nancy Marandola - Ed Tech - Spec Ed
Lori McKenney - Ed Tech - Spec Ed
Brandi Merry - Ed Tech - Spec Ed
Kathy Philbrick-Gates - Special Ed Teacher
Bridget Williamson - Ed Tech - Spec Ed


Kris Dubois - Language Arts
Jodi Dyke - Ed Tech - Spec Ed
Stacey Edgar - Social Studies
Pam Lattin - Math
Tammie Veinotte - Science


Kelly Greenleaf - Ed Tech- Special Ed
Matt Keister - Social Studies
Steve Richardson - Science
Deb Tanner - Math
Erin Wood - Language Arts

Knox (6th Grade)

Erika Ashe - Teacher
Raylene Bates - Ed Tech- Special Ed
Rose Staton - Teacher
Phil Estabrook - Teacher
Rebecca Lafaialii - Teacher
Becca McCarty - Teacher
Mona Violette - Special Ed Teacher
Scott Bosworth - Math Intervention
Jennifer Dorman - Read 180 Intervention/ Special Education
Pam Eames - Ed Tech
Cathy Farmer - Math Intervention/Special Education
John Malek - Ed Tech
Tammy Ranger - Read 180 Intervention


Kevin Jackson - Teacher
Johnson Sargent - Ed Tech

School Wide Staff

Liza Ames - Nutrition
Toni Jo Blaisdell - Ed Tech - Library
Carla Burnham - Enrichment Resource Teacher
Kelly Croom - School Counselor
Heidi Goodwin - Literacy Coach
Erick Murray - K-8 Technology Integrationist
Leona Sinclair - Speech
Kelly Wright - School Counselor

Mochamer, Bruce Principal
Vigue, William Assistant Principal
Bellerose, Jason Assistant Principal
Saucier, Denise Secretary
Fitzpatrick, Talia Secretary
Daigneault, David School Resource Officer
Lancaster, Debbie School Nurse
Voter, Stephanie Schoool Nurse
Clark, Matt JMG
Primmerman, Debra MELMAC Coach
Boudreau, Jennifer School Suspension Monitor
Christopher, Jon Athletic Director


Applied Arts
Fitzgerald, Jeremy Applied Arts
Jones, Mike Applied Arts
Scherpf, Bethany Applied Arts
Fine Arts
Charland, Matthew Fine Arts
Small, James Fine Arts
LeBrun, Paul Fine Arts
Lofving, Iver Fine Arts
Career Technologies
Fitzmaurice, Darcy Business
LeBrun, Paul Fine Arts
Scherpf, Bethany Business
Deagle, Paul English
Libby, Rosemary English
Lehan, Jeremy English
Libby, Laura English
Lightbody, Jason English
Smith, Maura English
Smith, Ryan English
Wathen, Elizabeth English
World Languages
Gin, Leon French
Nadeau, Sara Spanish
rish, Donna Spanish
Good, Ewan German
Bigelow, Jane Guidance Secretary
Hylan, Dan Guidance
Willette, Laurie Guidance
Riley, Dan Guidance
Ryan, Shannon Guidance
Campbell, Craig Math
Abbott, Jodi Math
Small, Gordon Math
Hale, Jordan Math
Cyr, Bradley Math
Libby, Ryan Math
Giroux, Scott Math
Grindle, Louella Math
Media Center
LaFlamme, Dominic Media Center
Fortin, Jennifer Music
Snow, Linda Music
Physical Education
Grenier, Brenda Physical Education
Siren, Soren Physical Education
Haynie, Fawn Health
Bolvin, Ann Science
Drummond, Kate Science
Polson, Ashley Science
Martin, Dave Science
Pillsbury, Scott Science
Sawyer-Main, Stephanie Science
Toner, Barbara Science
Social Studies
Chase, Mary Social Studies
Main, Kevin Social Studies
Evans, Dave Social Studies
Laney, Bill Social Studies
Martin, Angela Social Studies
McPhee, Shawn Social Studies
Ross, Heather Social Studies
Gibson, Kara Social Studies
Special Education
Cyr, Karen Special Education
DiPompo, Mary Special Education
Ireland, Elizabeth Special Education
Morin, Antoine Special Education
Pollard, Monica Special Education
Soifer, John Special Education
Toth, Stephanie Special Education
Norweg, Beth (Secretary) Special Education
Blanchet, Lauri Special Education
Boudreau, Jennifer Special Education
DaCosta, Mary Special Education
Dean, Mary Special Education
Goodwin, Jim Special Education
Gourley, Annette Special Education
Boothby, Yvonne Special Education
McClay, Eleanor Special Education
Mitchell, Jana Special Education
Moody, Angela Special Education
Philpot, Jean Special Education
Sites, Blaine Special Education
Witts, Linda Special Education
Sinclair, Leona Speech
Person, David Director
Small, Dorothy Data Information Manager/Technology Integrationist
Sorrentino, Skip Computer Support Specialist
Raymond, Joseph Computer Support Specialist
Dwelley, Dan Computer Support Specialist
Staples, Andrew Technology EdTech

Barry Sites Director
Bonnie Tomash Counselor
Josh Harris Special Education
Bob Witts Educational Technician
Rean McGinley Language Arts/Social Studies